Being Good Student Drives Down Auto Insurance Rates

Good Student Rating Discounts Auto Insurance

Most parents cringe when their son or daughter is old enough to get a learner's permit to drive a car because auto insurance rates on younger drivers tend to be notoriously high. But there is good news for parents who encourage their youngsters to be good students as well as safe drivers. That's because many insurance companies are recognizing that the same qualities that cause a student to excel in school and get good grades are the same … [Read more...]

Auto Insurance Discount For Defensive Driving Courses

Auto Insurance Discount For Defensive Driving Courses

Key Things to Know About Auto Insurance Discounts for Defensive Driving Courses Being a defensive driver, which means driving in a manner which saves lives, time and money no matter what the weather or road conditions and the actions of other drivers on the road, can do more than ensure your safety while driving. Driving defensively can help entitle you to receive an auto insurance discount for successfully passing a certified defensive driving … [Read more...]

Personal Or Commercial: Raleigh Car Insurance Has The Best Quotes For You

The reality is that many Americans today are dual income earners with a "day job" and often a small business that is run out of their home or second office. Most people in that situation use their family car for both personal and business use, and may not have contacted their car insurance provider to inquire about additional car insurance. If this describes you,it may be important to take a look at your car insurance policy to be sure you have … [Read more...]

Finding Affordable Car Insurance In Raleigh

Current residents in the Raleigh area have many different options when it comes to finding affordable car insurance. This is great for customers seeking car insurance at an affordable rate. We can use the internet as a tool to find affordable car insurance quotes online. Raleigh car Insurance Deals is ready to help you find affordable car insurance rates quickly and efficiently. … [Read more...]