Auto Insurance Discount For Defensive Driving Courses

Key Things to Know About Auto Insurance Discounts for Defensive Driving Courses

Being a defensive driver, which means driving in a manner which saves lives, time and money no matter what the weather or road conditions and the actions of other drivers on the road, can do more than ensure your safety while driving. Driving defensively can help entitle you to receive an auto insurance discount for successfully passing a certified defensive driving course. Here’s what you need to know in order to have a certificate showing you are certified as a defensive driver in order to qualify for a defensive driver discount on your automobile insurance coverage.

Who Qualifies for Insurance Discounts for Defensive Driving?

Auto Insurance Discount For Defensive Driving CoursesCar insurance discounts offered for defensive driving courses vary depending upon what state you have your car registration. Insurance providers in most states offer some type of discount to individuals age 55 and older who have successfully completed a defensive driver training course in their state. Some insurance providers also offer a discount to drivers younger than 21 who complete a defensive driving course.

 The Defensive Driving Courses

The Department of Public Safety in each state can provide you with a list of approved driver training courses that will be accepted by your insurance provider for this type of discount. Some states require that the course be taken in person at a specified location, while others offer you the convenience of simply completing the course from the comfort of your home or office online. In either case, there is a minimal fee of less than $20 charged in order to take the course.

Classes in defensive driving are usually broken up into a variety of categories such as traffic laws, keeping your car well maintained, hazards encountered on the road, dealing with weather conditions, and specific defensive driving techniques. At the end of the coursework, all of the information you learned will be reviewed prior to your taking a multiple choice quiz to prove that your knowledge of defensive driving should entitle you to qualify for an auto insurance discount because you have taken steps toward not only decreasing your risk of having an accident, you have increased your ability to avoid situations in which other drivers would have caused an accident if not for your defensive driving ability.

How Much is the Auto Insurance Discount?

The amount of the discount you receive on your auto policy premium usually averages around 5% to 10%. This may seem a small discount on the surface, but when you add it to additional discounts offered for having an accident and violation-free driving record in the recent past, you can easily double your discount and watch your automobile insurance premium rates steadily decrease.