Being Good Student Drives Down Auto Insurance Rates

Most parents cringe when their son or daughter is old enough to get a learner’s permit to drive a car because auto insurance rates on younger drivers tend to be notoriously high. But there is good news for parents who encourage their youngsters to be good students as well as safe drivers. That’s because many insurance companies are recognizing that the same qualities that cause a student to excel in school and get good grades are the same maturity and sense of responsibility that results in decreasing the liability of having an automobile accident or getting pulled over and ticketed for moving violations.

Teen Drivers Fall Under High Risk Category

Teen drivers are a category of insurance customers classified as “high-risk” by insurance companies because they tend to lack years of experience as drivers, tend to take more chances while on the road and tend to be the group that makes the highest amount of claims against insurance companies ranging from fender-benders to more serious accidents in which fatalities are involved. Most insurance companies don’t decrease their premiums for younger drivers until they demonstrate at least three years of experience behind the wheel.

Good Student Discount

Good Student Rating Discounts Auto InsuranceGood grades, however, are one way that younger drivers can enjoy lower insurance rates by inquiring about good student discounts. Good students are classified as individuals, male and female, who are unmarried, currently attending high school or college, and maintaining at least a 3.0 or “B” grade average. If a student is placed on the Honor Roll or the Dean’s List as recognition of their academic achievement, this accomplishment also qualifies them to receive lower premiums when paying their automobile insurance.

Safe Driver Discount

Students who demonstrate a consistent ability to drive responsibly without causing accidents and without receiving tickets for such infractions as speeding, driving under the influence and making unsafe moves while on the road can save even more on their insurance premiums with an additional safe driver discount applied for those drivers who are accident and violation free. Another thing that good students should consider to keep their insurance costs under control is voluntarily enrolling in a defensive driver course if their state laws do not make it mandatory that they attend such a class. In addition to learning all the basics of safe driving and maintaining a safe vehicle, these kinds of courses encourage young people to adopt habits that will benefit them throughout their driving history.

So before mom or dad says no to the thought of letting Junior drive because of exorbitant insurance rates, check a young person’s grade point average. Maintaining at least a “B” average with no violations or accidents can help make car insurance a lot more affordable.

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