Benefits of Buying Car Repair Insurance

Car Repair Insurance Vs. Your Auto Insurance Policy

Although your automobile insurance policy’s collision coverage may cover the costs of repairing your car in the event of an accident, car repairs required under normal maintenance are something that come out of your own pocket. Car Repair Insurance is a type of insurance that can help to keep repair costs from becoming a burden on your budget.

When Your Car is No Longer Under Warranty

Car Repair Insurance and Car MechanicIf you have purchased a new car, it comes with a warranty on certain parts that cover repairs or replacements for a set amount of time, but after the warranty period expires, you are are on your own when repairs are required. Purchasing Car Repair Insurance can be very helpful in picking up the slack when normal car part warranties have expired. It’s a way to enjoy extended warranty coverage on car parts that break down over time. Some Car Repair Insurance policies cover only specific repairs such as work done when damage occurs to an automobile’s transmission or engine. By selecting the right Car Repair Insurance policy, the total cost of major repairs are covered and the insurance company regulates the cost of what they will pay the repair shop so that a customer cannot be overcharged.

What a Typical Car Repair Insurance Policy Covers

A Car Repair Insurance policy offering bumper-to-bumper protection includes all of the major equipment necessary to safely operate your vehicle, including the brakes, drivetrain, engine, transmission, electrical components and exhaust system. Be aware that some repairs, such as body dents, broken tail lights, window cracks and interior surface repairs, are not covered by this policy. Bumper to bumper policies also always set a per hour limit on what they will compensate a mechanic, so don’t agree to any work being done if the mechanic’s charges are higher than the limits set by the terms of your policy.

The Benefits Car Repair Insurance

Purchasing a Car Repair Insurance policy is a way to provide peace of mind to individuals who purchase older, pre-owned vehicles that don’t include any warranty on parts. Car Repair Insurance is a good way for these drivers to enjoy the same type of extended warranty coverage they would get if they purchased a new vehicle and they don’t have to be worried about being bankrupted if something major on the car breaks down shortly after they purchase the vehicle. Many drivers find it more manageable to budget a Car Repair Insurance monthly payment rather than to be hit with one major bill because the brakes or transmission system fails.

Get the Car Repair Insurance that Suits Your Needs

Car Repair Insurance can be customized to meet your needs, but the more parts or systems you insure means a higher cost to pay the premium. Make sure your Car Repair Insurance provider is a reliable company with a reputation for paying repair claims as promised and in a timely fashion. Policy holders may have to pay upfront for repairs themselves and then be reiumbursed by the insurance company which may take several months. Take the time to read online reviews to discover whether a Car Repair Insurance provider gets high customer service marks or is a company more interested in collecting monthly premiums than in paying for repairs promptly.