Integon National Traces Roots to General Motors

Integon Automobile Insurance – A GM Subsidiary

Integon Automobile Insurance, a subsidiary of General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC), is the only insurance company that traces its roots directly to the automotive industry. It was founded in 1939 under the name Motors Insurance Company and is currently headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC. It is ranked 21st by A.M.Best among the 25 largest auto insurers in America, having almost 1,125,000 direct written policies which represent a 0.67 market share. It uses a network of more than 14,000 independent GMAC agents, all of whom meet locally in person or over the phone with prospective customers.

Integon’s Smart Discounts

Chev Pickup, Integon National and General MotorsThe company offers a wide range of programs it calls Smart Discounts to help customers keep their auto insurance premiums manageable. Those who drive a GM car or use other GMAC products can qualify for special discounts. Paid in Full Discounts for lump sum rather than installment payments, Multi-vehicle Discounts for insuring more than one car in the same household, GM Loyalty Discounts if all cars on a policy are GM models, Safe-Driving Discounts for having On-Star or completing an approved defensive driving course, combining autos and RVs on the same policy, OnStar Subscriber Discounts, Low Mileage Discount and GM Family First Discounts for current and former GM or GMAC employees and family members are among the many Smart Discounts for which drivers can qualify.

Integon’s Smart Services

Integon also offers auto insurance customers a variety of special Smart Services to offer increased peace of mind about accidents, breakdowns and other losses. Collision repairs at any Gold Medal Repair Shop carry lifetime guarantees, A SmartInspect service to ensure that all repairs have been successfully completed, a $500 Emergency Expense Allowance, a Theft Reward up to $500 to convict car thieves, and a 24-hour claims reporting system whole goal is handling minor claims right over the phone and paying costs within 48 hours.

Integon’s SmartValet and SmartDrive Coverage

Convenience is also part of the auto insurance package offered by Integon, with such services as SmartValet which picks up a damaged vehicle for transporting to the repairs shop and delivering a rental car for temporary useage, and then returning both to their rightful owners after necessary repairs have been completed. Integon offers Additional Equipment Coverage to guard against financial loss of equipment and accessories appearing on a specialized vehicle such as roll bars, custom wheels and bed liners as well as SmartDrive Coverage which delivers a rental car directly to the claimant following an accident and handles all billing internally.