Personal Or Commercial: Raleigh Car Insurance Has The Best Quotes For You

The reality is that many Americans today are dual income earners with a “day job” and often a small business that is run out of their home or second office. Most people in that situation use their family car for both personal and business use, and may not have contacted their car insurance provider to inquire about additional car insurance. If this describes you,it may be important to take a look at your car insurance policy to be sure you have the proper coverage. You may need to add commercial car insurance coverage to protect you and your family during the times your vehicle is used for commercial purposes. Deciding if you need commercial coverage will depend on several factors, including how you have set up your business,the actual use and the car insurance company you are insured with . Every car insurance company considers additional guidelines in determining commercial usage and most will add a surcharge for commercial use on a personal car insurance policy.

To determine whether you need commercial car insurance coverage, Raleigh car insurance suggests asking the following questions of your agent or car insurance company.

What do car insurance companies consider commercial use?

Generally speaking, anyone who is” transporting goods or passengers for a fee ” will fall under the definition of commercial use and in most cases require a commercial vehicle policy. Pizza delivery ,lawn maintenance , snow plowing are just a few examples of businesses where commercial car insurance coverage may be required even when using a personal vehicle to perform the service. When getting an car insurance quote from Raleigh car Insurance be sure to let the insurance provider know if you will be using your personal car for commercial use.

Will additional liability coverage be necessary?

This question is critical for your peace of mind. Liability coverages usually are higher on commercial car insurance policies and but it is important that you ask specifically to fully understand your car insurance coverage. In some cases, it is possible that additional liability coverage is not provided.

Can any employee of the company drive the vehicle?

In most cases it is an easy add additional drivers. Most car insurance companies will only ask you to provide a copy of the employees drivers license for their files . However, in some cases an employees driving record may affect the car insurance quote. It is important to maintain good employee records, regarding the dates and times an employee was required to drive on behalf of the company.

Remember to ask questions and shop around for the best car insurance quotes. You’ll find many of the industries leading car insurance companies at Raleigh car Insurance .

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